How To Rig Dropper Loops

Posted on: 21 February 2017

If you're heading out for a day's sport on a fishing charter with your mates, you'll want to be sure of a good catch. If you're staying inshore, you'll find many bottom dwelling species of fish hunting around the edge of a structure or reef edge. The best way of presenting bait to these fish is by using a dropper loop.

Here's how to rig a dropper loop for a great day's inshore fishing.

What you'll need

  • leader of a suitable weight for the species targeted

How to do it

Take a piece of leader of the appropriate weight that measures about a rod and a half's length. Working from the tag end of the leader, make a six centimetre loop in the line.  

Next, make three wraps back towards the standing end of the line. On top of the loop, spread it open and form a gap in your wraps. Place two fingers into the gap and pull the base of the loop up through it.  

Grasp the formed loop in your teeth and pull against the cinch so that the two sides lock against each other. Moistening the line with a little spit will help the line slide and lock the loop.  

Pinch the loop, and then feed it back through the eye of the hook. Take the loop over the point and around the bend to cinch it back up on the eye.  

Next, double tag the end of the line and form a single wrap loop to push through the eye of your bait sinker. Tie the loop anywhere you want along the line, depending on where you want to place your bait.

If you use circle hooks with your dropper loop, this will help you to release catches that are too small or which are non-targeted species. The fish released should all survive to fight another day.

Dropper loops can be rigged with single or multiple hooks. Be prepared for a bountiful catch by using a seven foot rod and always keep a cool box ready-filled with ice in which to store anything you want to keep.

In conclusion

You can increase your catches and your day's fun by using a dropper loop rig to target inshore species or those that like to hang out on reefs and deep sea structures such as rigs. For more advice and guidance on rigging and fishing techniques, have a chat with the crew on your fishing charter.


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