Benefits of Fishing for Children

Posted on: 19 April 2017

While most parents focus heavily on academics for their child's development, there are also countless other ways to help set your child up for success later in life.  After all, not every child enjoys sitting and reading, and while it's certainly important to learn to read and to progress those skills, there's also benefit to be gained from allowing your child to explore other interests.  One such activity is fishing.  Not only fun as a bonding experience between parents, guardians and the child, but fishing is also good for helping children to develop in several different areas. 

Fine Motor Control

This is as true for older children as it is for younger ones.  Often, parents will have their children learn a musical instrument in order to help with their motor control and hand-eye coordination, but a sport like fishing can be equally as instructive.  The child must learn not only how to control the equipment but also how to set it up.  They will also learn to analyse and decode slight movements on the line, learning to distinguish between a generic movement in the water and a fish on the line.

Animals and Wildlife

Of course, taking children out fishing gives a great opportunity to discuss and differentiate between various fish and wild animals, perhaps fostering an interest in them for later life.  Many a career path begins with an early-years interest, and it could be that spotting different birds on a fishing trip could inform your child's decision to pursue veterinary science or animal care later in life.  It's also something that even very young children can take part in.

Patience and Reward

Every child needs to run around now and then.  Still, experiencing some time out fishing will show your child that there's often something valuable and exciting to be gained from being patient and careful.  Few things will satisfy your child as much as bringing home a fish that they have caught, with or without your help.  It's encouraging and motivating, and all these things are great confidence builders, too.

In the end, fishing is just a hobby.  It could never claim to be any kind of substitute for education or academics, but that doesn't mean it's not beneficial at all.  It's well worth acknowledging what your child can learn from taking part in a sport like this, and giving them the chance to develop an interest in it.  Who knows?  It could become a shared hobby for life.


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