Get an Inboard Motor to Improve in Motor Sports

Posted on: 3 February 2017

As a boat enthusiast, you probably know the engines available to drive your boat. There is the outboard/ inboard, inboard motor and the outboard motor. In case you use your boat for motorsports, you require improved performance for your machine; therefore, you need to accessorize your boat with the most appropriate engine. The article will look into inboard motor specifications to help you know the advantage of these engines for your motor sporting endeavours.


When you choose an inboard motor, consider the fact that the engine is installed horizontally into your boat. As such, you will need a large right in the middle of the boat to keep your engine. Once installed, they will provide with improved performance as well as lower the centre of gravity for your boat. Therefore, it is harder for your boat to capsize even in high seas. You will have a better edge in control of the vessel as it is steered from the front of the boat as opposed to the outboard motor that you suspend at the back of the vessel.


These inboard motors are great for motorsports due to improved torque, horsepower, and performance. You get to move at higher speed. In addition, the engine is more fuel-efficient compared to other boat engines as manufacturers model it in a similar manner to a vehicle engine.


Regardless of the fact that inboard motors are difficult to install and tend to be more expensive, they are silent even when you rev the engine as you perform in motorsports. This will give you more concentration in the competition when you accessorize your boat with this type of engine. Furthermore, you can use the board to entertain your family and friends over the weekend when not using the boat for motorsports due to the low noise that comes from the engine compared to the outboard motor.

Bilge blower

This equipment is imperative to prevent fire in the engine. Once installed this mechanical ventilation system prevents your boat from any fire hazard caused by the fuel you use. This is not the case with outboard motors as you mounted the engine on the rear outer side of the boat. Naturally, having this ventilation system is imperative when you are involved in motor sports as your engine will be in full use as you race.

Finally, this inboard motor is easy to maintain as it works in much the same way as a motor vehicle engine. Therefore, if you are familiar with how a car engine operates, the inboard motor should not give you a problem. Therefore, when deciding to get into water motor sports, this is the engine you need for your boat.


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