How To Rig Dropper Loops

Posted on: 21 February 2017

If you're heading out for a day's sport on a fishing charter with your mates, you'll want to be sure of a good catch. If you're staying inshore, you'll find many bottom dwelling species of fish hunting around the edge of a structure or reef edge. The best way of presenting bait to these fish is by using a dropper loop. Here's how to rig a dropper loop for a great day's inshore fishing.
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Get an Inboard Motor to Improve in Motor Sports

Posted on: 3 February 2017

As a boat enthusiast, you probably know the engines available to drive your boat. There is the outboard/ inboard, inboard motor and the outboard motor. In case you use your boat for motorsports, you require improved performance for your machine; therefore, you need to accessorize your boat with the most appropriate engine. The article will look into inboard motor specifications to help you know the advantage of these engines for your motor sporting endeavours.
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4 Reasons Fishers Should Use a Pedal-Powered Kayak Instead of a Paddle-Powered Kayak

Posted on: 25 January 2017

When asked to picture a kayak, most people conjure up an image of one that is propelled using a paddle. However, that fact that paddle kayaks are more well-known doesn't mean that they are the only kind out there. In fact, kayaks that are driven by the legs using pedals are becoming more popular, especially among recreational fisherman. If you're going to hire or buy a kayak primarily for fishing, here are just four important reasons why you should go for pedal-power over paddle-power.
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Please Be Seated: Is A Portable Or Cassette Toilet Right For Your Camper Trailer?

Posted on: 3 November 2016

Unless you're very interested in getting 'back to nature', so to speak, an efficient toilet is one of the most essential parts of any camper trailer. However, not every camper trailer is sold fitted with one of these essential items, while pre-fitted toilets on older trailers can become worn-out and unpleasantly leaky. As such, many camper trailer owners find themselves in the market for a new trailer toilet at some point, and choosing the best type of toilet for your needs can be more difficult than it sounds.
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