Your First Camping Experience: Canopies And Camping Ropes

Posted on: 19 July 2016

You're definitely excited about owning a new truck. Perhaps you should save some excitement for the first time you'll go camping with your new best friend. Off-road truck owners take pride in their camping expeditions and many of them are often more than willing to share these experiences.

With the new purchase, you're well on your way to sharing similar (if not more adventurous) experiences. Here are two things not to forget as you plan your maiden camping experience with the new truck.

Canopies Are More Functional Than Tonneau Covers

There's a lot you'll need to carry for a convenient camping experience. Food supplies, a tent, a mini freezer and your personal luggage are just a few examples. You need to protect these items from harsh weather elements and you can do this by investing in either one of the UTE canopies or tonneau covers available for a truck bed.

Choosing a canopy over a tonneau cover will allow you to take maximum advantage of the available amount of vertical space above the truck bed. In addition to this, you could easily add a set of sliding drawers into the canopy area so that you don't have to drive around with unrestrained items at the back of the truck. This easily prevents damage to your camping gear as a result of collision due to the involuntary movement of unrestrained items as you drive over rough terrain.

Tonneau covers are often considered to give light trucks a sleek appearance, but you won't have as much storage space. As a soon-to-be seasoned camper, functionality should be more of a concern for you (as opposed to aesthetics) when choosing truck accessories.

The Reflective Camping Rope

Setting up camp involves using several lengths of rope or cable to erect the tent and hold it in place. You could easily trip over one of these ropes if they're not very visible. Reflective camping ropes are often made of nylon and they have a reflective strip incorporated into the rope material.

The reflective strip reflects light that shines on the rope and this makes the rope highly visible. This should prevent frequent slips and falls on camp. It also makes it easy to recognize your campsite from far, just in case you lose your way. The longer the rope, the better. If you happen to be left with a significant length of the rope after your tents are up, you could use it to make a hanging line on which clothes will dry after you wash them.


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